Who Has Time to Plan the Bachelorette Party?

You've got a lot of responsibilities for your friend's wedding; let us plan their last swing as a single person so you can have all the fun and take all the credit!

A Get-A-Clue™ Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt makes for a wildly entertaining bachelorette party.

Don’t want to spend $1,500 on a traditional event planner? We’ve got you covered!

We’ll be sure to send your betrothed friend out of single life with a bang! And the best part? We’ll take care of all the details, so you can kick back, relax, and just go along with the fun!

Through our trivia-challenge-clue process, your group will hop from bar to bar answering fun, even sexy, trivia, completing hilarious team challenges, and solving cute bar clue riddles. We know you’ll have a blast, because we tailor the crawl to your group’s age range and preferences. (Sexy and not so sexy groups encouraged to apply!)

Truth or Dare Bachelorette

Our Truth or Dare Package is available only to groups of 12 or fewer. We’ll visit 5 bars together, and in addition to your Team Bride Trivia and Challenges, the Bride will have her own Truth or Dare challenges to complete herself or with you  by her side. 

Standard Bachelorette

Our standard bachelorette package includes one or two teams, five or six different bars, our mild or wild themes, with at least one next bar clue, one trivia question, and one team challenge at each bar location. (And yes, we host bachelor parties as well.)

Bachelorette vs. Bachelor

Bachelorette vs. Bachelorette? Bachelor vs. Bachelor? Want to get both spouses involved? Unleash your competitive side and make it a spouse-versus-spouse 6 location bar crawl scavenger hunt. Go for bragging rights or make it hurt a little to come in second place. 

Your Info
If you don’t have a firm date yet, you can always change it later. NOTE: If your crawl is this weekend, call us at 888-508-5933 to get started planning. Also, only MM/DD/YYYY format is accepted.
This is our current list of locations where your bar crawl can take place. Don’t see your city? Pick one close by and add more adventure!