Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunts

Client Testimonials

Just listen to what clients are saying about their Get-A-Clue™ experience:

“My wife’s side of the family is hard to please and they enjoyed the crawl very much. Everyone who went on it had a good time. No one had ever been on a pub crawl before so everyone was glad they decided to do it. My brother-in-law originally thought he would be bored with this event but was very happy with it, especially with our crawl master. He loved her wit and comebacks. I was not sure if I made the right choice for a 50th birthday party but I did. Good job to all for helping make this a very fun event!”

– Doug B. (Libertyville, IL)

“We had so much fun for our crawl! Great way to explore a new area and have fun doing it. Our crawl master was very entertaining and funny, which made the experience even more enjoyable! The next day we all couldn’t stop talking and laughing about the experience.”

– Nikki C. (Chicago, IL)

“Thank you for such a fun event! Everything was great and we all had a fun time together.The customer service with your company is fantastic. Thank you!”

– Claire R. (Chicago, IL)

“The crawl experience was great! Everything was easy and I didn’t have to plan anything which was amazing. The trivia questions were great!”

– Emily G. (Fort Worth, TX)

“Our group is balls to the walls and our crawl master felt like a part of our group with her comments and comebacks! She literally had us laughing all day. Best experience ever!”

– Star W. (New Orleans, LA)

“Our crawl master was so much fun and she made us feel like we knew her. It was a great and unique experience and the bride loved it!”

– Tiffany T. (Manchester, NH)

“This was wonderful, and so nicely tailored to fit our group and the age of the participants. It was a really neat way to spend a night out downtown, visit some new pubs and interact with each other. Thanks again for helping us make our daughter’s 21st birthday truly special!!”

– Vicky W. (San Diego, CA)

“It was great exploring the city without the stress of picking the bars and the mystery made it even better!”

– Nicole B. (New York City)

“I had an absolute blast. So did all of the participants. I chose the most competitive as the team captains and I’m sure they were trying to apply pressure to you guys to speed up but it was amazing!!!!! The most fun that I’ve had in a very long time.”

– D.D. (Philadelphia, PA)

“I was afraid the boys group (it was bachelorette vs bachelor) wasn’t going to get into it, but they ended up being more competitive than us and had a blast! So much fun all around.”

– Clara (New York City)

“We had a great time! I would recommend this event to other friends!”

– Patti (Arlington, VA)

“Oh my God! We all had such a great time! Everyone is still talking about it and would love to do it again. Since no one knew what to expect, it far surpassed what we thought it would be like. So, 5 out of 5 stars!”

– Tony (San Diego, CA)

“We all has so much fun, the bride really loved it! I think our favorite part was the challenges at each bar! Thanks so much for all your help, and our crawl master was awesome too!”

– Brittany (Cleveland, OH)

“I was so impressed with how this event was able to keep all of us entertained and challenged and it was never awkward or boring. I can’t thank you enough for this whole thing, it made for such an exciting night and you made it so easy to do!”

– Dani (Boston, MA)

“We all had a blast! I have lived in San Antonio my whole life and I enjoyed that you found some great spots that I would never have thought to go to. Everyone wants to do another crawl in the future!”

– Cathleen (San Antonio, TX)

“It was amazing!!! Everyone had an absolute blast!! We loved the 90s trivia. I think our favorite challenge was … {classified} … that was hilarious!”

– Kim (St. Petersburg, FL)

“We had an absolute blast!! People were raving about it all throughout the night and next day.”

– Michael (Chicago, IL)

“The whole night was perfect and everyone had an absolute blast! I think everyone’s favorite part were the challenges – they were very fun and funny.”

– Jenny (Seaside Heights, NJ)

“Had a great time for my wife’s surprise 40th pub crawl!! Everything was great and many of the participants have asked how soon we can do it again.”

– Jeremie (Delray Beach, FL)

“It was an amazing birthday! My friends kept saying how much fun it was. I think what we liked the most were the challenges and trivia questions, they were really fun. I will treasure those pictures for life!”

– Jessica (Santa Monica, CA)

“I want to thank you and your staff once again for making my fiance’s 30th birthday one he will never forget. I was looking to do something unique and fun and i definitely found that in Get-a-Clue Bar Crawls. Its been over a week now since the party and everyone is still talking about it!!!  The crawl masters were absolutely hilarious!!!!”

– Eileen (New York City)

“AWESOME TIME!!!! We used Get-A-Clue for a groomsmen vs bridesmaids bar crawl/ scavenger hunt competition in August 2015. The staff is phenomenal! Very friendly, funny, and made the experience all the more enjoyable. The planning and scheduling of the event was extremely easy and it went off without a hiccup. It is the perfect event for both the ultra competitive groups (as we were) or a casual team-building exercise. I would schedule another event with this company in a heartbeat!”

– Andrew (New York City)

“We had lots of fun!! The challenges were the best! :)”

– Ashley (Savannah, GA)

“We had a blast!!! We loved how the concept was really simple and easy to understand. Our whole group had soooo much fun! They’re still all talking about it.”

– Mariana (Houston, TX)

“The experience was amazing. We all had a ton of fun and laughed A LOT! The clues and trivia and challenges were all very fun and interesting. Our crawl master was great! She was very funny and seemed to get our groups.”

– Stephanie (Newport, RI)