What is a Get-A-Clue™ Adventure?

We get a lot of questions about how our bar crawl scavenger hunts are the best. 

Most are answered with this video….and below:

With a Get-A-Clue™ bar crawl scavenger hunt, your entire group will gather at the first bar, the name of which we’ll provide in advance. At the appointed starting time, you’ll break off into teams. Each team will have a copy of a crawl guide (see example) with them. Our crawl master will then send each of your teams, via text message, a different bar clue puzzle. Each team must solve this puzzle to reveal the name and location of their next bar on the bar crawl.

As each team arrives at their next bar, they’ll grab a drink and send us a picture of the group. The crawl master will then send a trivia question for the group to discuss and answer. After that, each group will receive a fun team challenge. Once that’s completed, it’s time for the next bar clue and off to the next bar!

Teams compete with one another in this trivia-challenge-clue dance, vying to be the first to reach the final bar and be declared the winners. But no matter who wins, everyone reunites at the final bar to share stories and photos of their adventures!

We’re so glad you asked. Your crawl master is what makes your night out unforgettable. They will be the one to guide you, via text message, through your scavenger hunt experience. Drawn from the ranks of entertainers, announcers, comedians, and creative writers, our crawl masters are crazy talented and know how to make sure your group has a smashing time.

Most crawls last between two and three hours.  The maximum duration is 3.5 hours.  Highly competitive crawls can take 90 minutes or under.  The actual duration of your bar crawl depends on several things, such as the city you crawl in and how quickly you solve your clues, answer your trivia, and complete your challenges.  And, of course, how fast you drink!

The base package price for a standard crawl (birthday, bachelorette, just for fun, etc.) is $375.  This provides for two teams and a set of one trivia question, one team challenge, and one clue card for each bar visited after the starting bar.  Our best pricing and promotions are found when you fill out our interest form and schedule a short sales call with our team.

Our standard crawls include planning, organization, and running of the crawl. Each crawler is responsible for their own drinks and food.  We do call each bar on the route in advance to verify their business hours, inquire about possible lines to get in, and ask about live music and cover charges.  Also, whenever possible, we take advantage of happy hour or promotional food and drink pricing. Essentially, you’re not just getting an up to 3 hour game, you’re also getting plans made for before and after your crawl, making it an entire afternoon or evening out together!

Fear not! We can often book your new crawl on short notice. Please Contact Us directly to inquire.

Our bar crawls are designed with fun and safety in mind, so all stops on the crawl are within easy walking distance. We do not promote drinking and driving, and typically crawls do not extend beyond a mile in radius. If ever in doubt, please, please, take a taxi or rideshare service.

We sure can! Simply let us know how we can make the crawl fun for everyone in attendance. Here’s how we’ve helped participants in the past: 

Mobility: We’re happy to shorten the walk between bars or host double rounds in the same place to cut down on walking times and to make sure the bar is accessible for all your drink getting and seating needs.

Vision: We can provide a text breakdown of your visual clues so your text reader can describe what you’re looking at, and text versions of any of our cards which have words. (In addition to sending you an image.)

Hearing: Well, we host our events solely via text message. But during our sales or planning processes you require someone on screen or an interpreter on the phone, we’re experienced with both TRS and VRS, or we can text message you instead of a phone appointment.

Motor Control: We’ll make sure the challenges that we pick for you aren’t hard for those with impaired motor control. (Grasping, picking up, showing a count of fingers, etc.)

Simply let us know in the comments on your interest form. 

Our standard crawls include five or six bars, including your starting bar.

We do our best to secure reservations at your first location, but it’s exceptionally hard for us to plan reservations at subsequent locations because we don’t know how fast or how slow your group will be moving. The bars you visit during your event will be first come, first served. But don’t worry! Our planning team makes sure you’re not paying cover charges or running into a closed bar along the way.

No. These are private events for you and whomever you wish to invite.

We can set up a crawl any day of the week to accommodate your plans. We only require there are bars open in the neighborhood of your choosing.

On the Locations page, there is a list of more than 200 locations in the USA that we are ready to crawl. If your location isn’t listed, send us an email at funtimes@getacluecrawls.com and we’ll take a look. Though we have our eye on world domination, we offer our service only in the USA currently.

Sample Bar Clue Cards

A little bit like these. (Answers:  Dmitri’s – Jerry’s – Tank House)

These are a few of our retired challenges. Pssh – like we’d show you the real deal.

Challenges come in three customization levels based on your questionnaire:

  1. Prefer to interact solely with yourselves; which will mean you’ll show up at a bar, and look at your phone like everyone else.
  3. We like to have fun, but please don’t embarrass us; which will mean that people in the bar will know you’re doing something more than just having drinks together, but they won’t be participating with you.
  5. We’re silly and are down for anything; which will mean that not only will you be doing something more than just having a drink at the bar, you’ll probably be inviting strangers to help you out!

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our crawls to your unique needs. So we can include locations that are not actually bars. Sometimes crawlers want to include a nonalcoholic stop like ice cream or coffee along the way. Other times they’ll want to start or end at a friend’s apartment or a hotel. Any of these options or something else wacky can be included in a crawl, but keep in mind the maximum crawl duration of 3.5 hours.

Our trivia can be hard or middle of the road; heck, if you prefer to drink and not think, we’ve got trivia for that as well.

The winning team receives immeasurable bragging rights and the internal reward of knowing they are the best drinkers and clue solvers. 🙂 Some clients, at their own expense, arrange for T-shirts or other awards to be waiting for the winning team.

We suggest no fewer than three people and no more than ten per team.  The “sweet spot” is five to seven per team.  We strongly recommend that you have at least two teams, as the element of competition greatly enhances the experience.  However, if you have a small group and wish to crawl as a single team, we are happy to accommodate that, but there is no discount for having just one team.

We think any wedding is a good reason to celebrate and our bachelorette theme accommodates all manner of soon-to-be married people. 

No. We will communicate with you via text message only. This is your big day, to be shared with your friends.  Our philosophy is that we do all the work, and you get to have all the fun!

No. Our events are restricted to those 21 years of age and older, and all participants are expected to carry a government-issued ID with them throughout the event.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, and Amazon Pay. Corporate clients may pay by ACH, Eved, or wire.

We ask for a $100 refundable deposit to reserve a date and location. This deposit will be applied to the cost of the crawl. Final payment will be due 7 days prior to the crawl. If you’re booking fewer than 14 days before your event, we’ll ask you for your full payment.

If a crawl is canceled 14 days or more prior to the event, all payments, including the $100 deposit, are fully refundable. If the cancellation occurs within 14 days of the event, the $100 deposit is forfeited but any remaining payments will become a credit (good for 90 days) on a future crawl with us. Once a crawl begins, no refunds can be granted.

For additional terms, conditions, and policies, please read our crawl waiver.

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This is our current list of locations where your bar crawl can take place. Don’t see your city? Pick one close by and add more adventure!

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If you don’t have a firm date yet, you can always change it later. NOTE: If your crawl is this weekend, call us at 888-508-5933 to get started planning. Also, only MM/DD/YYYY format is accepted.
This is our current list of locations where your bar crawl can take place. Don’t see your city? Pick one close by and add more adventure!