A Get-A-Clue™ Crawl for Every Event

Just in case you needed a reason to party, we take care of the planning so you can have all the fun and take all the credit!

A Get-A-Clue™ Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt makes for an exceptional night of fun no matter the reason for your party.

Finally get the adults in your family together for a family reunion? Wanting to celebrate a graduation, milestone achievement, or victorious race? Or maybe you’re wanting to commemorate Swap Day, The Anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride, Deadwood Day, or Reputation Day? (Those are 1/6, 4/18, 8/6, and 11/23 respectively, just in case you needed a reason to bar crawl.)

You think of it, we’ll plan it! The teams in your group will hop from bar to bar answering trivia questions, completeing team challenges, and solving clue puzzles through our clue-trivia-challenge process. Our Planning Heroes tailor the crawl to your group’s age range and preferences.

Costumed Bar Crawls

Think the spirit of Halloween lasts year round? Have a group always looking for a reason to cosplay their favorite character? Want to do a onesie or Santa crawl? We’ve got you. Themes for every category of costume, and a way rad crawl master to tell you how creative you are. 

Standard Just for Fun

Our Standard Just For Fun package includes one or two teams, five or six different bars, with at least one next bar clue, one trivia question, and one team challenge at each bar location. Pick a theme, or stick with our General Pop Culture trivia and challenges for a fun afternoon or night out.

Celebration Bar Crawls

You name it, we can celebrate it: Family Reunions, Graduations, Race Completions, passing the Bar Exam, the list of possible reasons to book a Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt with us goes on and on. Take your friends to 5-6 bars, answer fun trivia, interact with an incredibly witty stranger.

Get-A-Crawl Theme, Choose from:

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If you don’t have a firm date yet, you can always change it later. NOTE: If your crawl is this weekend, call us at 888-508-5933 to get started planning. Also, only MM/DD/YYYY format is accepted.
This is our current list of locations where your bar crawl can take place. Don’t see your city? Pick one close by and add more adventure!